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20190407 Video #9 - Villas at Orchid Bay

The Best of the Best in Belize

Sometimes bigger really is better.

Our Villas offer more living space than any of our other homes, which helps you accommodate more family and friends with plenty of room for everyone.

You’ll be everyone’s favorite host.

With open floor plans, two stories of covered patios, and an optional covered rooftop deck – our Villas are a dream home for those who want to entertain in paradise.

Experience luxury living in paradise.

Orchid Bay Villas are among the nicest homes in the entire country, designed by world-class architects and built with impeccable attention to detail and refinement.

The best views in Orchid Bay.

In real estate, location is crucial, and so is timing. Early buyers of our Waterway and Beach Villas will enjoy the most desirable locations ever available at Orchid Bay.

4-Standalone Villa Exterior Edited 1
1-Duplex Villas from Canal 1
1-Duplex Villas from Canal 2
2-Villas Community
4-Standalone Villa Exterior Edited 2
2-Villas Community Final
3-Standalone Villa Interior 1
Kitchen Interior Final
4-Standalone Villa Interior 2
5-Standalone Villa Interior 3
1-Duplex Villas from Canal 3
1-Duplex Villas from Canal 4

Beautiful and extremely peaceful resort. If you're looking to get off the beaten path and looking for a break from all that life throws at you, Orchid Bay is a place to go.


Randy T.

2bed2bath floor 1
2bed2bath floor2
2bed2bath floor3
3bed3bath floor1
3bed3bath floor2
3bed3bath floor3


We will release more Villas soon on a first-come, first-serve basis. Click the button below to get an invite to our next private release before we make them available to the public. When you join the waitlist, we’ll also send you a copy of our Community Brochure!

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